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Viktor Aleksandrovich Gromyko

Viktor Aleksandrovich Gromyko

Viktor A. Gromyko was born in Senko, Mogilev province, Belorussia, in 1923. Viktor studied at the Minsk Art College from 1948-1951; at the Minsk Theater-Art Institue from 1953-1959. He was active in Minsk, Belorussia. He began exhibiting in 1947. Viktor painted thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes. He taught at the Minsk Theater-Art Institute from 1959. Viktor was Chairman of the Belorussian Artists' Union from 1968-1973.
Viktor A. Gromyko is also a graphic artist.

The recent exhibition by Peoples' Artist of Belarus, Viktor Gromyko marked his 90th birthday, showing that we are never too old to pursue our passions. The master remains devoted to his calling, creating wonderful paintings each day in his studio. he proves the simple truth that art is a vocation rather than a profession. The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, congratulated the master on his 90th birthday, wishing him health, success, optimism and vivacity.

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