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Vera Zaitseva

Vera Zaitseva graduated from Repin’s Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture of the Academy of Arts of the USSR in Leningrad. From 1948 Zaitseva regularly participated in major national exhibitions.
In 1956 Zaitseva married sculptor Leonid Berlin (1925-2000). Mutual influence was very important for the development of both outstanding artists, their unusual experiments with the forms and texture helped each other to open new possibilities of different genres. They made many trips together. In 1950, Berlin made a series of works using the majolica technique. This inspired Zaitseva to make her own series of painted ceramic plates and vases. Berlin highly appreciated his wife’s talent. Zaitseva worked extensively on still lifes, landscapes and genre scenes emphasising the rhythm of colour modulation and material expressiveness of objects. The subject, the quality of light and approach in her compositions resembles Konstantin Korovin’s and Igor Grabar impressionist style. Zaitseva worked often as a theatre designer in MKhAT (Moscow Art Academical Theatre), in the Kazan Drama Theatre (Tatarstan). She was invited to work in the most popular Moscow theatre of that time - Sovremennik (Moscow). In her studies for costumes and stage design Zaitseva experimented with different styles and materials such as textile collages, embroideries. Her studies are energetically applied and extraordinary individual. She taught stage design at the Art Studio of MKhAT (Moscow Art Academical Theatre).
Artworks by Vera Zaitseva are presented in the Museum of MkhAT (Moscow), the Bakhrushin State Theatre Museum (Moscow); Russian Grand Drama Museum n.a. V. Kachalov (Kazan); the Museum of the Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg), private collections in Russia, France, Italy, and the USA.

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