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Piotr Pyatnitskiy

Piotr Pyatnitskiy was born in Kalach in 1931. He studied the art of Russian painting in Voronezh under Mikhail Likhachev. He showed great ability in art but his political views soon ostracized him. He was not a member of the Communist Party and even opposed it. This could have created many different problems, death, Gulag, or exile. In his case Pyatnitskiy was give the worst fate, professional death. Piotr Pyatnitskiy was not allowed to join the Artist's Union, therefore he could not exhibit professionally or receive commissions. At this point he painted for himself and extablished an art school in Kalach, which is well known for it's excellent programs.
Piotr Pyatnitskiy's paintings are in private collections in Italy and the USA. He still lives in Kalach and enjoys gardening as well as painting on a smaller scale.

''Harvest'' by Piotr Pyatnitskiy"Harvest"
Oil on Canvas on Board
Date: 1958
Size: 40" x 15.5"
Signature in cyrillic on reverse

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