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Nicolai K. Bykov

The Russian Artist Nicolai Konstainovich Bykov was born in the village of Khava in the Voronezh Region, on November 30th, 1921, which is the heart of the famous Black Earth Region. From 1938 until the onset of WWII in 1940 Nicolai K. Bykov studied under the artist Aleksandr A. Buchkuri and Mikhail P. Kroshitski at the time and many of the young artists of the time studied with him.

As with many of the young artists whose education was interrupted during the war Nicolai K. Bykov did not pursue any formal education after returning from the war. However he continued to paint and became a vital part of the art community. In 1950 he became a member of the Artist's Union and began to show works in major exhibitions.

Nicolai K. Bykov's major works include, "Quiet Flows The Don" owned by the Kromskoi Museum, Voronezh Russia and "The Concert" a 1955 painting exhibited in the All Soviet Exhibition, "A Warm Day", dated 1956, The Voronezh Regional exhibition, "The River Don Below Belogori", dated 1957, Black Earth Zonal Exhibition, "On The River Oka", dated 1958 and "Fishing" dated 1962.

Nicolai K. Bykov died in 1970. During his brief career he was a vital part of the Voronezh Russian Art scene and participated in most regional, zonal, republic and All Soviet Art exhibitions. Few of this talented artist's works have survived.

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