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Mikhail E. Tkachev

Mikhail E. Tkachev

Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev (Russian: Михаи́л Евдоки́мович Ткачё́в; November 10, 1912, Kalach, Voronezh Province, Russian Empire) - Soviet, Russian painter, Honored Artist of Russian Federation, lived and worked in Saint Petersburg, member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation)[1], regarded as one of the inmates and representatives of the Leningrad school of painting,[2] most famous for his landscape paintings.

Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev was born November 10, 1912, in the large cossack stanitsa of Kalach, Voronezh Province, Russian Empire, located at the confluence of the Tolucheyevka River and Podgornaya River, 294 kilometers (183 mi) from Voronezh. The Kalach was established in 1716 and was granted town status in 1945.
In 1929 the family moved to the city of Armavir, where Michael Tkachev goes to the Artistic and Technical School, which graduated in 1932.
Since 1932 Michael Tkachev in Leningrad. In 1932-1937 he attend an evening class of Tavricheskaya Art School, then the Art Studio of the Leningrad House of Officers of Red Army, studied of Michail Avilov, Sergei Prisyolkov, Pavel Naumov, Efim Cheptsov.
In 1939-1945 Mikhail Tkachev took part in the Red Army in the Winter War (1939-1940) and in the Great Patriotic War. He was wounded and has military awards.
Since 1951 Mikhail Tkachev has participated in Art Exhibitions. Painted portraits, landscapes, genre and battle compositions. Solo Exhibitions by Mikhail Tkachev were in Leningrad (1986) and Saint Petersburg(1992).
Leading themes of Mikhail Tkachev paintings were images of native land and a memory of wartime. The most picturesque his studies from the life with the parental home and the surrounding Kalach. The colors restrained, with a predominance of green and ocher tones. Painting based on the transfer of light and shadow effects, tonal relations and the constructive role of drawing.
Mikhail Tkachev is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation) since 1952[3], a Member of Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts (1995)[4].
In 1996, Mikhail Tkachev was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russian Federation.
Paintings by Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev are in Art museums and private collections in Russia, France, USA, Finland, Germane, England, Japan, and throughout the world.

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