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Gregori Andreevich Goncharov

Grigori Andreevich Goncharov was born in Rossosch, Voronezh Region in 1913. His works are an excellent example of Russian Impressionism and Socialism's theme of "Glory To the People." By his own admission the landscape, language and people of the Voronezh Region have always been close to his heart, these aspects of his career has made him known as a Master of Russian Art.

Before the Great Patriotic War (WWII) Grigori A. Goncharov was taken into the studio of one of the Voronezh Region's leading artists, Aleksandr A. Buchkuri. Because of having studied and worked in St. Petersburg Buchkuri's influence was enormous. Aleksandr A. Buchkuri later introduced him in Moscow to Igor Grabar and Konstantin Yuon, both of whom were well favored at the time in the Stalin administration. Together these two artists ran the Central House of People's Creativity, where many of Russia's most important artists studied and worked. Only those who were well connected politically were allowed in. Due to this connection, Grigori A. Goncharov was able to pass the war years in Tashkent, along with a contingent of other well known artists.

After the war Grigori A. Goncharov began exhibiting in national and all Soviet exhibitions in Moscow along with the likes of Alexsei Gritsai, Alexander Buknov and Vasili Efanov. However, Grigori A. Goncharov says that his own life has been his greatest teacher. The history of Soviet Russia and the Great Patriotic War have been popular themes throughout his long and productive career. Two pre-Revolutionary figures have played a part in many of his works, the writers Pushkin and Koltsov, who were considered by the Soviets to be anti-Imperialists.

Grigori A. Goncharov has long been an influence in the Voronezh region. His greatest rival was Mikhail Likachev. The dissention between them lasted until Likachev's death in 1997. Goncharov actually painted Likachev (who was a prisoner in a German camp) as a traitor during the war. Another piece shows Likachev sitting in a rain puddle in the middle of a Voronezh street, drunk and with his son crying and saying, "It's time to go home Papa." Neither piece was ever seen in public until after the death of Mikhail Likachev.

After the death of Stalin in 1953, certain artists were allowed to paint scenes depicting domestic problems. During Stalin's reign only glorified images were allowed. Grigori A. Goncharov was one of only two artists in Voronezh to be allowed to re-create such scenes. Michail Likachev was the other.

The Voronezh Artist's Union mounted a retrospective of Grigori A. Goncharov's work in the summer of 2000, His works can be found in several Russian museums as well as in serious collections in Italy, France and the USA.


''Girl On The Wagon'' by Gregori Andreevich Goncharov"Girl On The Wagon"
Painting shown without frame
''Girl On The Wagon'' by Gregori Andreevich Goncharov"Girl On The Wagon"
Date: 1956
Size: 19" x 10"
Oil on Board
Signature in Cyrillic on reverse
'Before The Concert' by Gregori Andreevich GoncharovBefore The Concert
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1979
Size: 47.25" x 39.3/8"
''Koltsov in the Steepe'' by Gregori Andreevich Goncharov"Koltsov in the Steepe"
Oil on canvas
Date: 1953
Size: 35.5" x 25.5"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner


'Meeting of the Two Fronts' by Gregori Andreevich GoncharovMeeting of the Two Fronts
Oil on Board


'A Guest of the Pioneers' by Gregori Andreevich GoncharovA Guest of the Pioneers
Oil on canvas
Copyright: L. P. Cline


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