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Edouard P. Efanov

Edouard P. Efanov the Russian Artist was born in the countryside village of Khrenovoye near Voronezh, Russia in 1938. Edouard P. Efanov has lived his life in this region, mostly in the town of Ramon which is about 20 miles from Voronezh. Edouard P. Efanov began studying Russian Art painting in the Art College in Elets, he was taught by V. Sorokin, a master of poetical landscapes. He also graduated from the Art College in Saratov. Edouard P. Efanov's first exhibition of his painting, "Drifting Ice" was a great success and opened many doors for him to many other exhibitions.
Edouard P. Efanov worked as an instructor in the local Cultural Committee and as an actor in the People's Theater. Edouard P. Efanov also is a poet and has published poetry.
Died, June 2012.

''On The River'' by Edouard P. Efanov"On The River"
Date: 1973
Size: 39.25" x 31.25"
Oil on Board
Signature in Cyrillic lower right

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