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Vladimir Tsymbalist

Vladimir Tsymbalist was born in 1924 in Rossosch in southern Voronezh. Vladimir Tsymbalist was the provincial counterpart to Mikhail Likhachev. His formal training was at the Art College in Buturlinovka, another small southern town in the same region. After serving in WWII he came home to his small town and decided to remain there instead of moving to the city where he would have had a much better chance to move ahead. However, in spite of the fact that he was so far away from the center of artistic activity in the region he made a way for himself, receiving commissions and becoming a member of the Artist's Union in Voronezh. His works were accepted into all regional exhibitions and several All Soviet Union exhibitions in Moscow.

His first love however was teaching and he single handedly started and operated an art school in Rossosch, a town so small that it only has one main paved road. A staff of four artist now maintains the school. Tsymbalist's star student Alexander Popov was the director.

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