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Villi Leopoldovich Mokrozhitskiy

Villi Mokrozhitskiy was born in Kharokovin 1928, into a worker's family. Villi became interested in art early in his childhood, and his parents enrolled him in the Kaarkov Art School, here he studied from 1944-1949. The artist's childhood experience of the Second World War strongly influenced his subsequent work as a young artist.

After graduating from the art school, Mokrozhitskiy decided to continue his education and in 1950 at the age of 22, he entered the Kharkov Art Institute, where he studied under the famous Ukrainian artists L.I Chernov, S.P. Dudnik, and E.P. Yegrov. Upon completing the institute, Mokrozhitskiy began working seriously and was accepted into the Artist's Union of the Ukrainian Republic. At that time he did his first thematic works, in port, 1961, going to the Collective Farm Nursery in 1961, Home on the Collective Farm 1963, and the Brotherhood, 1965, which put him on a level with the leading artists of the Ukrainian Republic.

During the 1960's Kharkov witnessed the development of Dioramic art - an art form featuring a picture whose inner surface is vertically stretched in half-circle to form a frame around objects placed in front (models, props, structures, etc.) The originator of Dioramic art in the Ukraine was V. Parchevskiy, who, along with Mokrozhitskiy and I. Efronimson, created the first expressive Dioramas: the Battle of the Czech and Russian soldiers against the fascist German invaders in the village of Sokolova, near Kharkov in 1967. In 1944 the Korsun-Shevchenovskiy Battle with the fascist German invaders. Later their group was joined by A. Konstantinopolskiy and A. Khmelnitskiy. The work of the creative team, the Diorama taking the Dnepr new Kiev, became one of the most important exhibits of the Kiev Museum of the Great Patriotic War. (WWII).

Themes of war and scenes from the life of Ukrainian peasants during the post-War period became the basis for the work of Villi Mokrozhitskiy, and during the 1970's - 1980's, he returned to these topics frequently. His most famous paintings of this period are winged crop growers, the scorched earth, freeing Kremechug from the fascist German invaders, "Construction of the Boyarskiy Railroad", "The Vacation Home of Khttu", "Before Flying into the Field", "The Naval Expedition in the Crimea with Olshanskiy", "Call of the Fighters Against Fascism" and "The Birth of Tank T-34 at the Mallyshev Plant", in 1988. These paintings were repeatedly shown at both the National and International exhibits such as the Roy Miles Gallery in 1994 and Lots Road Galleries in London in 1995.

Villi Mokrozhitskiy died in 2006.

''Woman In The National Costume'' by Villi Leopoldovich Mokrozhitskiy"Woman In The National Costume"
Date: 1950
Size: 8" x 12"
Oil on Card
Signature in Cyrillic on reverse


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