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Victor Andreevich Donskoi

Victor Andreevich Donskoi

Victor Andreevich Donskoi was born in Voronezh, Russia in 1945. From 1960 until 1964, when he entered the Navy, Victor A. Donskoi studied art in the studio of Yevginia Romanovskaya, who recognized his exceptional talents of Soviet and Impressionist Art.

In 1968, after four years of military time spent on a submarine, Victor A. Donskoi entered the Art College in Penza. It was, and still is, rare to be able to enter an art college without having first attended an art school. He graduated with excellence four years later-along with a recommendation to the prestigious Art Institute in Moscow-The Surikov. There Victor studied in the studio of the academician Yevginy Kirbik.

After graduating from the Surikov, Victor A. Donskoi moved back to Voronezh and taught in the art college there. Now he spends all his time on creative work-keeping just a very few private students.

Victor A. Donskoi has been a member of the Russian Artists' union since 1985 and has exhibited in Moscow at all Soviet and all Russian exhibitions since 1975. In 1996 he was commissioned by the City of Voronezh to complete a series of works based on the building of the shipping fleet of Peter the Great, which took place in Voronezh.

Victor A. Donskoi visited the USA in 1997 and also visited Chattanooga, Tn. He also exhibits in France, Germany, Italy and Korea.
Victor A. Donskoi's works can also be seen in the L P Cline Gallery, Chattanooga, Tn. and also in the book: Tradition Rediscovered, this book also available through L P Cline Gallery.

Victor Andreevich Donskoi was awarded a prestigious medal from the Russian Navy in 2006. The award and photo of Victor and the military men are shown at the 10th Personal Exhibition dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Submarine Fleet of Russia on March 16th, 2006.

''Sketch of Village Guys'' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"Sketch of Village Guys"
Charcoal on paper
Date: 1971
Size: 14.5" x 10"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner and reverse
''Study, tilted Head'' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"Study, tilted Head"
Charcoal on Paper
Date: 1961
Size: 11" x 15.5"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner and reverse
''A Study In The Studio'' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"A Study In The Studio"
Oil on canvas
Date: 1969
Size: 16" x 23"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner and reverse
''Docking The Sub'' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"Docking The Sub"
Oil on canvas
Date: 2006
Size: 47" x 39.5"
Signed in cyrillic on lower right corner and reverse
''The Return'' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"The Return"
Oil on canvas
Date: 2004
Size: 59" x 53"
Signed in cyrillic on lower right corner and reverse
''A Sitting Of The State Duma' Fragment' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"A Sitting Of The State Duma" Fragment
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1988
Size: 19.5" x 26"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner and reverse


''G. V. Perebatov' Lying Model' by Victor Andreevich Donskoi"G. V. Perebatov" Lying Model
Charcoal on paper
Date: 1967
Size: 22.25" x 14.75"
Signed in cyrillic on reverse


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