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Nikolay Blokhin

Born 1968, in St. Petersburg Russia.
Leningrad (St Petersburg) Middle Art School at the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Post Graduate studies at the workshop of Professor V. Reikhet, Repin State Academic Institute.
since 1996
Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation
since 1995
Professor of drawing, Repin State Academic Institute of Painting and Sculpture and Architecture.

Grand Prix, Portrait competition of the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA

Best of Show Award, International Portrait Competition of the LPortrait Society of America, Boston, MA. USA

since 1996
Participated in exhibitions in Russia, Finland, the Netherlands, China, USA

36 Personal exhibitions including:
2002 Hilligos Gallery, Chicago, Il, USA
2005-2009 Annual exhibitions in Doweney Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2006 The Union of Artists Exhibition Center, St. Petersburg
2006 Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia
2008 Taos Art Museum & Fechin House, Taos, NM, USA
2010 Art Museum at the Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 Exhibition on Russian cities, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Moscow, Voronezh,
Saratov, Samara.

"One of the most talented young artists of Russia"- by Russian Art Press"
"Nikolai Blokhin- A Man of Unique Talent " Chief of Research-State Russian Museum of Arts
"The best of the young Russian Portraitists"-by Russian Art Press"
"Nikolai Blokhin is quickly commanding the attention of serious galleries, dealers and collectors worldwide" -Ph. Dr. M.Guerman Art historian. Ph. D. Professor. Member of International Association of critics (AICA)
1980-1982- Art School for gifted children
1982-1985- St. Petersburg Middle Art School
1989-1995- St. Petersburg Academy of Art
1995-2000- Postgraduate studies of the Easel Painting studio under guidance of member of Academy, Professor Reihet B. I.
1995-2000- Teacher of drawing in St .Petersburg Academy of Art
2000-2007- Professor of drawing in St .Petersburg Academy of Art
1996- Member of the Russian Artists Union(RAU)
2000- Member of the International Federation of Artist (IFA)
2002- Member of the American Society of Portrait Artists(ASOPA)
2004- Member of the Portrait Society of America (PSA)
1996 - Awarded the Russian Academy of Arts prestigious gold medal award for "Young Artist of the Year"
1999- Awarded Grand Prize in " Window to the China" Exhibition/Competition, Russia-China
2002- Awarded Grand Prize in "Portrait Competition of the American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA)At The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
2004- Awarded Best of Show in International Portrait Competition of the Portrait Society of America ,Boston, USA
33 - International Personal Exhibitions.
1989- USSR, Leningrad "Young Artist of Leningrad"
1989- Finland, Turku "Varission Kirjasto"
1990- USSR, Moscow "Young Artists of the USSR"
1991- Poland, Warsaw "Young Artists"
1991- USSR, Moscow " Young Artists of Leningrad"
1991- Indonesia, Jakarta The first Soviet-Indonesian Art Exhibition
1992- Russia, St. Petersburg "Personal Exhibition at the Cinema Center"
1992- France, Paris, ARCOLE
1993- Italy, Rome "Modern Art of St. Petersburg"
1993- Russia, St. Petersburg "Forum" Gallery
1993- England, London "Cultural Days of St. Petersburg"
1994- Germany, Hamburg " Days of Russian Culture"
1995- Russia, St.Petersburg "Museum of the Russian Academy of Art"
1995- Russia, Moscow "Exhibit of postgraduate Artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg"
1995- USA, Chattanooga Tennessee "Expressions from Russia"
1996- Netherlands, Hague "Master Classes"
1997- Belgium, "Autumn of the Artist Union, St. Petersburg"
1997- Finland, Solo "Master Classes"
1998- China, Shanghai "St. Petersburg Artist's Exhibition"
1998- France, Marseilles "Christmas Exhibition from St.Petersburg Academy of Art"
1999- USA, LasVegas "Art Expo-1999"
1999- USA, Carmel "Personal Exhibition"
2000- USA, New York "Art Expo-2000"
2000- USA, San Francisco "Art Expo-2000"
2000- USA, San Francisco "Richard Thomas Galleries"
2001- USA, Palm Springs "International Art Fair"
2001- USA, San Francisco "Art Expo-2001"
2001- USA, Chicago, Personal Exhibition "Hilligoss Galleries"
2001- USA, Park City "Cultural Program of the 2002 Winter Olympics"
2002- USA, Palm Springs "International Art Fair"
2002- USA, New York City "Portrait Competition of the American Society of Portrait Artists(ASOPA)
2002- USA, Chicago,Personal Exhibition "Hilligoss Galleries"
2003- USA, Las Vegas, "Galleria di Sorrento"
2003- USA, Carmel, "Classic Art Gallery"
2003- USA, Palm Springs, "International Art Fair"
2003- USA, San Francisco, General Consulate of the Russian Federation "Personal Exhibition"
2004- USA, Palm Springs, "International Art Fair"
2004-USA,Carmel,"Classic Art Gallery"-Personal Exhibition
2004- USA, San Jose,California "Personal Exhibition"
2005-USA,Santa Fe,"The Downey Gallery"-Personal Exhibition
2005-USA,Chicago, "Hilligoss Galleries"-Personal Exhibition
2006-USA,Santa Fe, ”The Downey Gallery”-Personal Exhibition.
2006-USA, Carmel, “Classic Art Gallery”-Personal Exhibition
2006-Russia, St Petersburg, “Central Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of St. Petersburg”
2006-Russia, Moscow, Politehnicheskiy Museum.
2007-Russia. Moscow, International Art Salon
2007-USA,Chicago, Personal Exhibition “Hilligoss Galleries”
Russia, St. Petersburg "State Russian Museum of Arts"
Russia, St. Petersburg "Museum of Theater"
Russia, Moscow "Parliament Center"
China, Chinese National Gallery of Modern Art
Netherlands, "Prince of Orange Collection"
Belgium, "European Parliament"
Finland, "National Gallery"
USA, "Finley Collection"
USA, San Francisco, "Richard Thomas Galleries"
USA, Chicago "Hilligoss Galleries"
USA, Park City "Richard Thomas Galleries"
USA, Carmel "Richard Thomas Galleries"
USA, The Award-Winning Studio of Long Grove Galleries
USA, Laguna Beach "Forest Gallery"
USA ,Vail, "Fine Art Gallery"
USA ,Santa Fee, "The Downey Gallery"
Russia- Former president of the USSR - M. Gorbachev
Russia- Former President of Russia – B .Elzin
Russia-President of Russia-V.Putin
USA- Academy Award winning Anthony Quinn
Many other works are found globally in private collectiogurative

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