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Lotfullo Fattakhov

Lotfulla Fattakhov, belongs to Kazan Art School and is known as the best Tatar artist. Artworks by Fattakhov are represented in the collections of the State
Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg),the Chuvash State Art Museum (Cheboksary), National Museum of Fine Art of the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan), A.M.Gorky Museum (Kazan), the State Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve (Vladimir), numerous Russian and foreign private art collections.

The first artist who made Kazan art school well known all over the world was Nickolay Feshin (1881-1955). After graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg (Ilya Repin’s class) Feshin returned to Kazan and taught at the Kazan Art College. Thanks to Feshin and later to his student Nickolay Mayorov (1931-1991) Kazan Art College during the first half of the XX century was one of the best art institutes in the country. One of the graduates of this college
was Lottfulla Fattakhov (1918-1981) the most famous Tatar artist of 1950s-1970s. His works form the basis of the exposition of 1950s art in the Kazan Fine Arts museum. Fattakhov's "Skylarks" is definitely one of the best romantic pictures of 1950s. A Sunlit landscape with children looking at the birds in the blue sky is full of natural harmony and happiness so typical of childhood. The extensive use of sunlight effects, strong color reflection penetrating transparent and airy shadows enliven the kids’ figures set in half-light. Such effects of contrasting light convey a temporal and spatial dynamism, a feeling of movement in active children’s characters. Looking at this work one can easily imagine the sounds from the field.

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