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Leonid Vinogradov

orn in 1938 in the Shashki village in the Kostroma Region. In 1956-1961 he studied at the Kostroma Art College under professor A.Belykh, well known internationally as one of the most interesting Russian realistic painters of 1960-1980. Following realistic traditions Vinogradov succeeded to merge genre and landscape painting in a very interesting way. Vinogradov uses traditional motives but his interpretation is philosophic, full of associations and complex feelings. His paintings are expressive and energetic in the use of color. His paintings are notable for extensive use of painting language and, at the same time, great expressiveness, generalized and enlarged forms as well as a freer attitude toward spatial arrangement. He notices the beauty of life and conveys it in his paintings.
From 1968 Vinogradov has participated in national and republican exhibitions. Currently he lives and works in Kostroma or in his summer studio in the village of Taranino.
Works by Vinogradov are represented in the Fine Art museums in Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Tula, Novosibirsk, and Arkhangelsk and in private collections in Russia, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Japan.
1975 Solo Exhibition, Kostroma
1978 Solo Exhibition, Kostroma
1988 Solo Exhibition, Kostroma
1989 Solo Exhibition, Yaroslavl
1990 Solo Exhibition, Tula
1995 Exhibition of Russian Painters, Contemporary Art Gallery, Grenoble, France
1996 Solo Exhibition, Kostroma

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