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Evgeni A. Pikalov

Evgeni A. Pikalov was born in 1935 in Kislovodsk, Russia near the Black Sea. His love and talent for Russian Art painting and the love for life, nature and humanity are some of the great attributes of this amazing artist.

After graduating from the Art Shool in Krasnodar he continued to work and began taking part in all Regional and Republic exhibitions.

After becoming a member of the Artist's Union of the USSR, Evgeni A. Pikalov began painting with more determination, landscapes, portraits, still life paintings. His love for life and all that surrounded him helped develop his abilities to paint in many genres.

In 1964, Evgeni A. Pikalov participated in the exhibition, "The Soviet South" and "The Soviet Russia", the themes of these exhibitions were the labors of the Soviet man and the struggles of man in Soviet Russia. His paintings of industrial landscape and the paintings of the gas lines were a huge fascination for this artist.
Being this fascinated with this subject his pride for this region and the workers developed a deeper love for this body of works he painted.

The joy of labor is depicted in many of his works, "The Harvesting of Grapes" is depicted as a joy of labor and happiness, the color palette and the movement of the workers is like a symphony.

Evgeni A. Pikalov traveled extensively and painted many landscapes. In the late 60's and early 70's he exhibited a large body of his works in Regional and Republic exhibitions.

''Soldier'' by Evgeni A. Pikalov"Soldier"
Charcoal on paper
Date: 1962
Size: 16" x 22.5"
Signed in cyrillic upper right corner
Fifth Course Study, Second Team.
Mentor: D.P. Birukov
''The Shepherd'' by Evgeni A. Pikalov"The Shepherd"
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1983
Size: 39" x 45"
Signature in cyrillic lower right corner
''Blacksmith's Workshop'' by Evgeni A. Pikalov"Blacksmith's Workshop"
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1970
Size: 47.5" x 40"
Signature in cyrillic on reverse

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