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Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko (Eremenko)

Alesei Pavlovich Yeryomenko the Russian Artist also known as (Eremenko) was born in 1922 in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia, near the provincial capitol of Voronezh, one of the main cultural centers of Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. During the time of the czars Voronezh was an outpost for political dissidents, many of whom were also involved in the arts. As a result of this coming together of creative minds many of the most well known artists and writers, as well as musicians and craftsmen of the Soviet period have come from this region. The works of Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko are pure in their teachings and also pure in the respect that he found his own way to express the liveliness and beauty of a country that was held under an iron grip. Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko was one of the most commissioned artists in the Voronezh region during his period of creative activity. He also worked in union with his dear friend Yuri F. Vnodchenko, often working together on the same canvas for large and important commissions.

During Soviet times the artists' Union was necessary to the advancement of any artist. Only through the Union could an artist hope to become successful. Only through the Union could there be commissions. In the 1970's and 1980's Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko was head of the Commission Selection Committee. He was also on the committee that, every six months visited all artists' studios to check their progress and to make sure they were staying on the right track. Artists who strayed were pushed out of the circle and forgotten when commissions were handed out.

As with all men who had come of age in the 1930's and early 40's, Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko served in the Great Patriotic War, (WWII). The horrible scars of that awful time are still very evident on the landscape of the Russian Motherland as well as in the hearts of the ones who lived through it. The Black Earth Region, of which Voronezh is the capitol, was second only to Stalingrad in the amount of destruction sustained. Many artists painted accounts of the horrors brought about by the bombs dropped on the region. But Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko chose to paint the hope that came when the war ended in the spring of 1945, this is evident in his painting "External Students" which is available through the L. P. Cline Gallery. Information about this particular painting is shown with the painting on this site.

Many of Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko's paintings are in the Kromskoi Museum in Voronezh Russia today and in the Artist's Fund of the Russian Federation in Moscow. There are also several collectors in Europe and the USA that own major pieces of his work.

Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko's widow still lives in the flat that was presented to him by the Voronezh Artist's Union. The staff from L. P. Cline Gallery feel very fortunate to have met and visited with Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko's widow on several occassions and have been touched by her stories and life as the wife of such a remarkable person and talented Russian Artist.

''Collective Farm Worker'' by Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko (Eremenko)"Collective Farm Worker"
Oil on Board
Date: 1960
Size: 28.5" x 19.5"
''Woman In A Green Scarf'' by Alexei Pavlovich Yeryomenko (Eremenko)"Woman In A Green Scarf"
Oil on Card
Date 1958
Size: 27.75" x 19.5"
Signed in cyrillic lower right corner

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