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Welcome to The L.P. Cline Gallery. We are Direct Importers of Russian Art from the Soviet Era offering the best of Social Realism, Impressionism and Contemporary Art dating from 1898. Whether you Browse by Painting Style or Search by Artist, we're confident you'll fall in love with the extraordinary beauty and mystical character of these Original Fine Art oil paintings, which come directly to us from the hands of the artists or their families. We're certain you will find our Featured Artist page extremely interesting. You'll be amazed by the intricate beauty of our Russian Lacquer Boxes. And please check our Russian Books page for a treasure of resource information and intriguing stories.

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"A Collective Farmworker"Victor I. Zhilin. Victor I. Zhilin was born in Zaseime, Kursk, in 1946. He studied at The Kursk Teacher Training Institute until 1969. He has remained active in Kursk and the surrounding region since. Zhilin specialized in portraits. . . . Read More
"Morning"Tatyana K. Kovrigina. Tatyana Konovalova Kovrigina was born in 1915 in the town of Nerchensky, (near lake Baikal in Siberia). She began her studies of Art of Soviet Russia and Russian Impressionism under the tutelage of C. A. Matveen, in 1932, at the Art Techinical Institute. In 1936 she was accepted into the prestigious Surikov Institute, based on her high level of achievement in the Art techinical Institute. At the Surikov Tatyana Konovalova . . . Read More
In The Spotlight...Evgeniy Ilyin's "The Gypsy". This 1927 painting by Evgeny Ilyin is one of his masterpieces, depicting his incredible talent as a portrait artist. Reading his biography will give an insight of this work and his many other paintings and life accomplishments. Evgeniy Ilyin was born in Samara. He studied in M. I. Stepanovís art studio a Samaraís Peoplesís University from 1918-1919. In 1919 he joined the army and fought in the Civil War until 1922. . . . Read More

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More About L.P. Cline's Russian Art Gallery

What Makes Us Unique? We are a Direct Importer of Russian Impressionism Art and Contemporary Russian Art, and we bring together powerful collections of paintings by Russian artists who never dreamed the world would see their talents. We have served the Chattanooga, TN community since our doors first opened in 1981, and our business has grown to include 49 states plus a significant number of international destinations. Despite this business growth, our mission has remained clear and simple, "To bring beauty into the lives of those we serve." Our commitment to this mission takes us deep into Russia every eight to twelve weeks, where we carefully select paintings directly from the artists, or from the artist's families, that represent the best in Soviet impressionism era and post-Soviet era art.

Our Special Services: Each of our Russian art paintings has a real-life story behind it! And, as a Direct Importer, we are uniquely able to connect the buyer with the artist by supplying detailed biographies and as much personal information about the artist and the artwork as possible. We encourage inquiries from dealers and invite special requests for a particular artist's work to be acquired when available. Additionally, our long-term and in-depth understanding of the uniqueness and intricacies of the market for Russian Impressionism Art has given us the capability to develop and offer a FREE program titled "Beginners in Collecting." Please contact us for more information about this highly informative program that is focused on the needs of first time Russian art buyer.

Browse: We hope you'll enjoy browsing through our Russian Impressionism Art, Contemporary Russian Art, and Russian Lacquer Box Galleries. Our Main Gallery contains our complete collection of Russian Paintings. Or, if you prefer, you can Search by Artist. And, we invite you to visit our Featured Artist page. Whatever you decide, we look forward to assisting you.


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Direct Importers of Original Russian Art

Phone: 423-265-4786
LP Cline Gallery is a Direct Importer of original Russian art. Our Russian Art Gallery is located in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can also see our entire collection of Russian art in our Russian Art Gallery online at www.lpcline-russian-art.com. We work with fine art collectors everywhere, nationally and internationally, including: AL-Alabama, AK-Alaska, AZ-Arizona, AR-Arkansas, San Francisco CA-California, CO-Colorado, CT-Connecticut, DE-Delaware, DC-Washington DC, FL-Florida, GA-Georgia, HI-Hawaii, ID-Idaho, IL-Illinois, IN-Indiana, IA-Iowa, KS-Kansas, KY-Kentucky, LA-Louisiana, ME-Maine, MD-Maryland, MA-Massachusetts, MI-Michigan, Minneapolis MN-Minnesota, MS-Mississippi, MO-Missouri, MT-Montana, NE-Nebraska, NV-Nevada, NH-New Hampshire, NJ-New Jersey, Santa Fe NM-New Mexico, New York NY-New York, NYC-New York City, NC-North Carolina, ND-North Dakota, OH-Ohio, OK-Oklahoma, OR-Oregon, PA-Pennsylvania, RI-Rhode Island, SC-South Carolina, SD-South Dakota, Chattanooga TN-Tennessee, Dallas and San Antonio TX-Texas, UT-Utah, VT-Vermont, VA-Virginia, WA-Washington, WV-West Virginia, WI-Wisconsin, and WY-Wyoming. Our international clients range from Canada, Mexico, South America, Great Britain and Europe, to Africa, the Middle East, China, Japan, other Far East countries, and Russia.
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